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Project example: Narayani Secondary School in Nepal

In Taplejung District, only 43% of all adults have primary education, only 12% secondary education. There are 569 students enrolled at Narayani Secondary School. We finished construction of 6 new classrooms in 2021, and the sanitary facilities were renovated in 2022.

Human Practice Foundation sees the construction of school buildings, as the first step in providing the children with a quality education and a better future. Step two is enhancing the facilities and capabilities at the school. Human Practice Foundation is now in the process of implementing the following facilities at Narayani Secondary School.

You can help Narayani Secondary School’s students by supporting the school with an amount of your choice. For example:

  • For USD 10 we can supply 1 math equipment set
  • For USD 1,5000 we can provide a fully equipped playground
  • For USD 3,000 we can provide science equipment
  • For USD 4,000 we can provide a library with furniture and books
  • For USD 10,000 we can provide a fully equipped computer lab

Rest assured that the entirety of your donation will be channelled directly to the project as our overhead costs are covered by the Founding Partners of Human Practice Foundation.