Project Examples

School Project

In 2017 we set out to build an entire new school in Taplejung, Nepal. The existing school, Durga Secondary School, was in dire need of a reconstruction as the old and worn-out building were an unhealthy learning environment for the public schools’ 287 students. Two years later, a whole new school saw the light of day, celebrated with a big opening ceremony attended by the entire community, Human Practice Foundation, and the donors. The project was completed at a total cost of USD 73,000.

Coffee Project

Farming is the main occupation in the Taplejung district in Nepal. Few farmers, however, manage to make a living from their crops. To help the local business community and entrepreneurs, Human Practice Foundation launched the Coffee Impact Programme, making sure that farmers can make their business profitable and gain access to foreign markets. Thus far, the programme have directly impacted the livelihoods of 3,500 people in Taplejung, who now have turned their crops into a sustainable income source.

Maritati Primary School

In 2017, when we began constructions at Maritati Primary School in Kenya, the class-rooms were dark and the lack of facilities at the school created a terrible learning environ-ment for the schools 428 students.

The children longed for facilities that could al-low them to concentrate, as their surroundings were falling apart, which made it difficult to pay attention and get proper teaching.