The economic growth that Kenya has experienced in recent years has not benefited a large part of the population and the inequality is immense.

The rural areas are still experiencing serious poverty and 36% of the population live in absolute poverty. As a result, many of the children in rural areas are missing out on quality education and have little hope of getting jobs in the future.

Human Practice Foundation is working in the rural areas of Kenya rebuilding the school infrastructure and training the teachers. We are focused on educating the teachers by initiating Teachers Training in both the academic and pedagogical aspect; the purpose being to encourage a more modernized and child friendly way of teaching in order to provide the best possible education for the students enrolled at the schools. Additionally, we wish to train the students by conducting workshops, where the main focus will be on creating a good educational environment, where students are taught how they are also responsible for their own development as students.

We are working with strong local partners. Their local knowledge combined with our expertise in the educational sector and implementing projects forge a strong platform for creating impactful and sustainable changes in the local areas.