Danish children are doing well academically compared to many similar countries, but unfortunately there is a sharp increase in mental dissatisfaction among children and adolescents which is extremely worrying. Many teenagers report that they are distressed and lonely and that they struggle with low self-esteem, leading them to feel socially excluded in school.

Human Practice Foundation has established Project Inner Strength with the aim of strengthening the self-esteem and confidence of students at Danish primary schools, supporting them in having healthy relationships and thriving.

Every day they are met by high expectations and influenced by outside resources which they are not able to navigate based on their own inner compass. Inner Strength was launched with the aim of strengthening the emotional and social competencies of young students. We believe that every child possesses the inner strength to accept and believe in themselves.

With the purpose of strengthening the students’ self-esteem, empathy, and concentration, Project Inner Strength trains the ability to believe in yourself, as well as strengthening attentiveness, empathy, and the skill of participating in healthy relationships with others.

We want to create a best-in-class method for how Danish schools can help the students who are not thriving and create schools that allow all children to flourish.

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