With our investment in education to date, we have more than 80 ongoing school building projects, reaching more than 32,000 children in Nepal, Kenya and Denmark.

Human Practice Foundation is currently working on 80% of the secondary schools in Taplejung District in Nepal. Please find an overview of the result of Human Practice Foundation’s interventions to reduce the education gap in Nepal measured from 2019-2020 at 33 schools:

Furthermore, Human Practice Foundation has many great case examples from its schools. For instance, at Hangpang Secondary School in Taplejung in Nepal from 2018-2020 the graduation ratio has improved by 27%, enrolment has increased by 16% and the dropout ratio has improved with 50%. Likewise, at Yuba Secondary School the grade average has in­creased by 12,5% and the school’s dropout ratio has decreased by 42%.

To date, Human Practice Foundation can report the following impact from its income generating programmes:

  • 1,100 coffee and tea farmers trained in Good Agricultural Practices.
  • 290,000 coffee seedlings planted in 10 constructed nurseries, $200k annual income potential for farmers (+50% production expected in 2021).
  • 200,000 tea saplings planted, and a tea factory has been built.
  • 300kg tea shipped to Perch’s Tea Shop in Copenhagen from the first harvest in 2021, with 100% of the profit to be reinvested in the Tea Impact Programme.
  • 150kg coffee beans to Hagen Espresso Bars in London from the first harvest in 2021, with 100% profits to be reinvested in the Coffee Impact Programme.
  • 27 new, small entrepreneurial business generated by our social entrepreneurship programme.