In Denmark Human Practice Foundation works at primary public schools where an increasing number of Danish students experience stress, loneliness, depression, and anxiety, which often leads to withdrawal from social contexts. Studies and research from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority (2017), (2020), DCUM (2017), VIVE (2018), and the Ministry of Education (2021) show a marked increase in children who experience stress and loneliness and therefore fail to thrive. In alignment, the treatment of children with stress increased by 900% from 1995-2015. Studies also show a clear correlation between children who are unhappy/discontented and absenteeism/learning patterns. This is, a contributing factor to the fact that in 2018 32% of Danish students nationally were not deemed ready for higher education in eighth grade, and that in 2019 10% of the students in the ninth grade did not complete the primary school’s mandatory exams.

In the Learning Compass 2030 OECD points out that we must ensure children’s well-being and mental health to promote learning and ensure the best future opportunities for children. To alleviate this rising challenge for Danish primary students, Human Practice Foundation has established the Inner Strength programme, enabling children from all ages to thrive better, learn more, and enhance their social skills.