At HPF, we employ, what we call our Holistic Community Approach where the school is used as a platform for change to give children the best conditions to thrive. We strengthen the physical infrastructure to give children the best learning environment by building modern school buildings and teaching facilities such as computer rooms, libraries, and playgrounds in neglected public schools. Human Practice Foundation uses the local labour force to build schools of the highest quality.

When the framework at the school is strengthened, we implement quality education programs for teachers, students, and school management, ensuring that the school can become a top-performing public school with happy students. It is a principle for Human Practice Foundation to reach the children and youth in greatest need of help. Internationally, we reach some of the toughest and most secluded areas in the world.

We also encourage the growth of new local businesses by implementing agricultural impact programmes, including a tea, coffee and potato/beans program that stimulate the local economy and create local jobs once the school building is ready. We work with smallholder farmers – and bring them all the way from the best seeds and inputs to profitable markets.

We focus on one district at a time, implementing our holistic intervention. We believe that to transform poverty-stricken communities and create lasting change all aspects hindering a community from thriving need to be considered. Therefore, our Holistic Community Approach focusses on 4 key components:

Full School Model – Transforming existing government schools and training teachers, management and students in remote areas that are otherwise deprived of quality education.

Community Education – Capacity development and education of the parents and local communities to ensure a more holistic and sustainable community development.

Inner Strength – Offering special programmes to groups of children with special challenges that otherwise are in risk of becoming marginalized in their society.

Impact Projects – Investing in agricultural impact programmes that support parent’s access to income generating activity, thereby improving their children’s opportunities to attend and complete their education.

The Holistic Community Approach is about educating and helping a whole community or district, not only establishing a school.