Human Practice Foundation operates based on a model, where we have two channels of donations – Founding Partner contributions and Project/programme donations. Since 2014 more than USD 13.8 million has been raised from various financial institutions, corporates, and private persons.

Human Practice Foundation’s administrative costs in Denmark and all the activities related to Human Practice Foundation’s chapters in UK, Switzerland and Sweden are funded entirely through the support of Founding Partners. Consequently, donors can see 100% of their donation go directly to their selected project. This is at the core of Human Practice Foundation’s 100%-financial-model.

At Human Practice Foundation we make every donation count. For only USD 2,000 we can build a playground or supply a whole school with a school equipment package. For USD 10,000 we can build a fully equipped computer lab and for USD 75,000, we can build a new public school with 8 classrooms.

Human Practice Foundation has a wide variety of donors. Some donors, often private philanthropists, choose to donate a one-off amount, for instance for the construction of a new public-school building. Where others select a long-term donation for at time duration of 2-4 years. This can either be to support 2-3 school building projects or to support one of our programs i.e., a Quality Education Program or an Agricultural Impact Program. Finally, Human Practice Foundation has very large donors such as the Kavli Trust, which has provided funding for the completion of a Quality Education Programme at 33 schools in Nepal where the funding has been provided in accordance with accomplished milestones.