We have established very strict financial management processes, controlled by Human Practice Foundation Copenhagen, to ensure, that we have full control of our donations and project payments. The process is based on strict internal controls where project milestone payments are always based on verified project progress and budget control.

We have cut out all ‘middlemen,’ as we are registered with operating INGO’s in both Nepal and Kenya and are working directly with the school management, thereby being able to have full control of our cashflows from the initial donation to project implementation.

Multiple purchasing offers from retailers are always collected when buying materials for our projects. After receiving offers from retailers, the School Management Committee selects the offer that is of the best quality and cost for what is needed in alignment with their obligations, as a legal entity of the Nepali Government.

These processes are upheld by Human Practice Foundation’s finance department in its implementing INGO’s in Nepal and Kenya and Head of Finance and Administration in Denmark to ensure that our financial mechanisms are characterized by total transparency.