Our principles of implementation are based on an effective and hands-on approach to all our project activities with an emphasis on adaptation to local customs. We work closely with the local communities and authorities to create ownership and commitment in the community benefitting from our project activities.

Human Practice Foundation’s local project teams are well trained professionals typically hired from the local or surrounding area. Our project teams in both Nepal and Kenya are managed by a strong management team with expert knowledge on financial control, public policy, project management and strategic decision-making. Our implementing teams work directly with the schools and the local population – with no middlemen or external organizations. With this method we gain a strong local presence and understanding of the local needs and challenges, making our implementation more effective and our projects more impactful with in the local context. Our teams on the ground in Kenya are supported by our CEO, Head of Projects, and Head of Finances at the Copenhagen office, who ensure that the daily operations run smoothly with the support of 4 employees working at HPF’s HQ.

Today, it is an approach that is based on a well-defined and highly replicable process, following 4 steps: proof of concept, scale-up, broaden the scope based on local needs and handover to local authorities and communities. Human Practice Foundation’s programs in Nepal, Kenya and Denmark are supported by the local governments and communities either through in-kind or monetary contributions.