All Human Practice Foundation Personnel and partners are educated in Human Practice Foundation’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct and have an obligation to do the following:

  1. To confirm that they have familiarised themselves with and understood the importance of the policies and will act in accordance with it.
  2. To conduct themselves in a manner consistent with Human Practice Foundation’s values.
  3. To act in accordance with this policy in both their professional and private lives.
  4. To immediately and in accordance with Human Practice Foundation’s reporting procedures report suspicions that a child has been exposed to some form of discrimination, injury, violation, physical or psychological violence, sexual abuse, or exploitation.

All Human Practice Foundation’s stakeholders have been made aware of a mailbox in which they can report breaches to policies to Human Practice Foundation. Students, who are our primary beneficiaries are also informed about their access to an anonymous mailbox, which they can use to raise any concern that they have regarding their environment or raise their concerns if any of these safeguarding measures have been breached. If any incident is made apparent through the mailbox Human Practice Foundation’s personnel have the obligation to report this to Human Practice Foundation’s headquarters in Denmark.

To mitigate organizational and personnel risks, we have very strict operating procedures to protect our personnel against landslides, floods, and muddy roads when they walk between project sites and at our construction sites to project against injuries. All staff recruited to Human Practice Foundation has been authorized by the Country Manager in Nepal or Kenya and the CEO in Denmark to ensure the highest level of professional and ethical competencies in our staff.