We update the donors on our projects, while implementing projects, so they can follow the progress closely. Additionally, we offer donors the opportunity to travel to Nepal and visit the school that they have supported and participate in the local opening-ceremony. This must be arranged with the team, and the expenditures will be paid by the donor. Please see our donor update policy below:

Initial phase

  • The donor receives an update when the donation is received, and the project is decided.
  • The donor receives an update when the agreement is signed with the school management and the project is formally started.

Ongoing projects

  • Bimonthly progress updates are sent to the donor, including pictures, a status on the progress and facts regarding the project.
  • HPF shares updates with the donor if something extraordinary happens at their project.
  • When the project is completed HPF shares a Final Report with the donor, including pictures, finances, process descriptions and the impact of the project.

Completed projects

  • The donor receives a summer update including results from the previous academic year at the school and pictures.
  • The donor receives a Christmas/New Year update including pictures and a story from a student, parent, or teacher at the school.