The selection process starts with site visits to the schools, which have been longlisted as the most impoverished public schools in collaboration with the local authorities. Site visits are conducted with a construction engineer and an educational specialist from Human Practice Foundation’s local teams.

Human Practice Foundation assesses educational deficits based on student performances, teacher quality and quantity, as well as the management’s competence level. Likewise, Human Practice Foundation provides an assessment of the schools’ construction requirements based on the engineer’s expert advice.

The premise for Human Practice Foundation’s selection process is to achieve maximum impact for each social investment in a school project. Thus, as an important part of the selection process in-depth meetings with the Schools Management and the local community are held to evaluate each school’s commitment towards improvements. Human Practice Foundation further requires support from the local community either monetary or in-kind to ensure local ownership as well as the projects long term sustainability.

Based on these inputs, Human Practice Foundation prepares a report providing an estimate of where its efforts will have the largest impact. These schools are then selected to become Human Practice Foundation Schools.