Help Sanwa Secondary School

In Taplejung District, only 43% of all adults have primary education, only 12% secondary education and the current dropout ratio for primary school children is 30%. This leads to a high level of learning poverty in the district with life-long consequences for the individuals, as well as an inability for the community to achieve the required economic progress for job creation.

Today, the 483 students at the Sanwa Secondary School are forced to study in dark and timeworn buildings with small classrooms offering no facilities. The quality of the education is exceptionally low in this secluded location.

In close collaboration with the local District Education Office and Rural Municipalities, we aim to significantly improve the quality of education and the infrastructure at Sanwa Secondary School.

The first step will be to construct a school building with 8 new modern and spacious classrooms, securing proper space for the students. Subsequently, we will install new facilities including a library, a playground, a computer lab and supply school equipment.  We will then conduct Teachers’ Training to appropriately deploy the new facilities as well as train in new methods. The school management and local community will also be trained, involved and held accountable for a well-functioning school with happy students and quality education.

You can help Sanwa School’s 483 students by supporting the school with an amount of your choice. For example:

  • For USD 10 we can supply 1 math equipment set
  • For USD 2.000 we can provide a fully equipped playground
  • For USD 3.000 we can provide a full sanitation package
  • For USD 86.000 we can build the new school from the ground up

Rest assured that the entirety of your donation will be channelled directly to the project as our overhead costs are covered by the Founding Partners of Human Practice Foundation.

Donate any amount you may wish via Mobile Pay at:  580187

Thank you for your support.

For Danish Donors; optional entry of CPR/CVR. 

When donating via MobilePay, please type in which project you are donating to, and other information if relevant.

Mobile Pay

Donate any amount you may wish via Mobile Pay 580187


Should you wish to donate a larger amount, please call + 45 93 93 27 74