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United Kingdom

C/O Bowline Capital
84 Brook St, Mayfair
London W1K 5EH
Great Britain

Registered Charity Number: 1186801

Human Practice Foundation

Human Practice Foundation UK was established in London in 2019 by Founder Pernille Kruse Madsen, and operates as an independent entity. HPF UK is part of the global organization Human Practice Foundation with registered Foundations in Denmark (2014), Zürich (2018), UK (2019) and Sweden (2021).

Human Practice Foundation builds and restructures schools in parts of the world where it’s needed the most. We believe that schools create lives. That’s why we create schools. Schools are the most effective way to bring about positive change. All over the world, schools make up the most fundamental part of our communities. All children deserve to be part of a school with quality education that enables them to build a life of their own – a life where they have the power to shape their own future.

Management of HPF UK

The Board of HPF UK is responsible for the overall management, including the strategic management.

The HPF UK Board members act independently from the members of the other Boards, but the HPF Boards across countries meet once a year and discuss the focus and strategy.

HPF UK chooses independently which projects in Kenya and Nepal to support and develop.

UK Board

Kris Thykier
Kris ThykierChair
Anna Skoglund
Anna SkoglundTrustee
Michael Specht Bruun
Michael Specht BruunTrustee
Caroline Von Barnekow
Caroline Von BarnekowTrustee
Christopher Moser
Christopher MoserTrustee
Pia Kirkeskov Andersen
Pia Kirkeskov AndersenTrustee
Amanda Tonsgaard
Amanda TonsgaardTrustee
Ewa Skowronska
Ewa SkowronskaUK Country Manager

Donor Update Policy

Without donors, there would be no Human Practice Foundation and no projects in Nepal and Kenya impacting more than 36,000 students. Therefore, we value the relationship to our donors a lot. We always update the donors on our projects, while implementing, so they can follow the progress closely. Once the project is completed, we will send a detailed final report.

After completion, we will regularly share stories and impact results from the school and/or communities. Additionally, we offer donors the opportunity to travel to Kenya and Nepal to visit the school they have supported and participate in the local opening ceremony.

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Slaughter and May