KIDS by Cornelia Greko


Every single child on the planet should grow up like a flower. Happy and proud with undoubtable belief in themselves and about the future. Just unfailingly stretching towards the sky.  And being loved simply for their being. ‘KIDS‘ salute and remind us about the bigger perspective in thought and action. ‘KIDS’ fill in the little human’s voice.


As Scandinavian Contemporary Abstract Expressionism artist Greko continuously explores and captures sceneries from nature, often carrying deeper meaning through symbolic characters. Her large paintings are created by multiple layers of paint and texture. Free and flowing, and straight and edgy lines, stripes, and strokes is recurring and significant as well as her love for playing with raw and refined textures and glossy and matte finishes adding further depth and life to her paintings.

During October 2023, Grekos work was selected to be exhibited at Stockholm Affordable Art Fair 2023.


Acrylic on canvas (stretched over the wooden frame). 100X150 cm

Estimated value: SEK 22 500