Schools shape children. Children shape the world

Human Practice Foundation builds and restructures schools in parts of the world where it is needed the most. We believe schools are the most effective way to bring about positive change.
We are grateful and proud to share our amazing results with you.

Since 2014 we have raised USD 19 million.

100% of this has been used to establish 92 school building projects

and reach 35,800 children with quality education

This video of Nissan from Nepal shows the impact we are creating – and how we succeed in delivering the premises for an education that inspires, grows, challenges, and makes children dream big. What can be more rewarding?

A strong Intervention Model that creates impact

For Human Practice Foundation it is important to take a holistic and empowering approach to both children and communities by:

  • Securing the fundamentals for accessible schooling for all i.e. by securing physically safe and accessible school facilities and through income generating programs for the parents
  • A strong and focused approach to the educational programs delivered
  • General empowerment of children so they can thrive and believe in themselves and their ability to take ownership of their own life

During the first half of 2022 we have started up 7 new school building projects
and we now have 71 school building projects in Nepal

In Nepal, the students have just begun the new school year in May, and the children are looking forward to a school year without restrictions, as Covid-19 is now fully under control. Many of our schools have initiated our Education Programme and we have implemented Life Skills classes at 33 of our schools, which focus on group work, creative thinking, and mental health.

The monsoon season has started early this year and we are trying our best to mitigate the challenges that come with the heavy rains.

In Nepal, our coffee farming project now has 1,414 active farmers who are being trained in good agricultural practices and provided with the necessary equipment and seedlings to start their own small coffee plantation. The finished product is exported to Hagen Espresso Bars in London, and all proceeds from the sales go back to the farmers.

A story from a school

Rishan Basnet is a 14-year-old 8th Grader at Ambegudin Secondary School in Nepal. Rishan had difficulties in learning and was worried about the completion of the courses and the exam coming up. Thanks to support from Human Practice Foundation, the school was able to offer extra Educational Programmes to the students, focusing on English, Mathematics, and Science subjects.

As Rishan continued to attend those programmes, his competences and confidence increased. From being an average student, he gradually got higher scores and succeeded in passing the examination securing 3.55 GPA out of 4.

“My happiness had no boundaries when I came to know about the extra learning opportunity offered with the support from HPF. I would not have been able to finish off with such a strong professional knowledge within the given subjects and to get such a good exam without the extra help and contribution from HPF. Finishing off with this confidence in myself is so important for my future and I have no words of how to appreciate the organization.”

Our IT Academy is under construction

A good education may not always be enough to secure a child a better life. As students graduate from the schools, not all of them pursue higher education due to their poor financial condition. Therefore, a part of our intervention is creating job opportunities for students once they graduate secondary level.

Launching the IT Academy will provide further education in IT and digital skills and create IT entrepreneurs. With the training certificate from our technical partner Learnio they can earn up to and estimate 1000 USD monthly through IT micro jobs. A project that has been developed and supported by Waldemar Schmidt in close partnership with Learnio, Lars Förberg, CP Khetan and other strong supporters.

When Pernille and Simon recently visited Nepal, a big milestone was them participating in the stone laying ceremony of the IT Academy (pictured). The construction of the academy will now start, and in the meantime the first pilot patches of IT entrepreneurs, will be trained at the Bhanu Jana Secondary School facilities.

During the first half of 2022 we have started up 5 new school building projects
and we now have 21 school building projects in Kenya

Our scope of work is expanding in Kenya and HPF Kenya is now working on school infrastructure projects on 8 schools through construction, renovation, and educational facilities. We have initiated our first two projects in the extremely poor Maasai Mara region. This is an area with great challenges and with the local experience of and the good collaboration with the Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancy Association, we have created a strong partnership to help the locals through our Intervention model.

The current drought is devastating as most marginalized families have little to no food storage. This also has a detrimental effect at the schools as most children do not attend and are struggling with learning due to hunger. At one school we have initiated lunch program which greatly helps overcome this challenge and we would like to expand that to other schools.

In Kenya, our potato and beans farming project is unfortunately also very challenged by the extreme drought in the region. We currently have 231 farmers enrolled in the project, and we are trying to find a solution for those farmers whose crops are likely to fail due to the lack of water.

We have received a Kavli Trust grant of NOK 8 million that in total is impacting 60 schools
and 20,000 children with quality education

With this partnership we can continue to give more marginalized children across our schools in the Taplejung District a better future through education. Through the Education Programme, students will learn to work in groups, think creatively and solve problems. The programme aims to prepare students for higher university education, as well as for work in the tourism industry or agriculture. The long-term goal is to stimulate growth in the local community and help reduce the number of people living below the poverty line in Taplejung.

Empowering children – also in Denmark

In our efforts to empower children to gain control over their own lives and future, we also have a project in Denmark that slowly has grown from being an experiment in one school to being an implemented practice in many secondary schools all over our country. More than ever children need to strengthen their inner guiding light, their self-efficacy, and their ability to engage, focus and be part of social networks to develop as strong and independent human beings.

Caused by generous grants from Deloitte, Gorrissen Federspiel, the William Demant Foundation and U.K. based art dealer Christopher Jones, we are rolling out the Inner Strength program to 16 new schools within the next three school years. With these fundings we can develop and launch a learning platform, teaching materials and information leaflets, and thereby attract more schools, teachers, and students to be part of Inner Strength in the future.

In addition to the concrete interventions at the schools, we will collaborate with a research team that will follow the development of the student’s mental well-being. It is of great importance for the further work with Inner Strength that we can document the impact and effect of the program.

From one woman to a movement

A lot has happened since Pernille Kruse Madsen, the CEO and Founder of Human Practice Foundation and former corporate lawyer decided to commit her life to providing education and opportunities for those most in need after witnessing the devastating fates of girls without access to education eight years ago.

We are now 70 people working for HPF. 13 in the Headquarter in Denmark, 12 working on school projects in Kenya and 45 in Nepal.

Besides, we are supported by a group of visionary Founding Partners, and have established registered foundations in UK, Sweden, and Switzerland. Here a large, committed, and passionate group of volunteer’s support Human Practice Foundation to raise funds that given our 100% model, goes directly to our projects.

In the UK Kris Thykier has kindly accepted to be elected as the new Chair and will head the Trustee group. Kris is Producer and founder of Archery Pictures Limited and has a huge passion for helping children in need through education.

“Education is everything and I believe Human Practice Foundation is one of the most exciting charitable foundations in the world. Originating in Denmark and now launching in the UK, Human Practice Foundation is committed to giving children the best start in life, investing in building community-based schools in developing countries, and creating new educational programmes and techniques designed to promote self-reliance, confidence, and the inner strength to succeed.”

Thank you so much to our many dedicated partners, supporters and friends that make this possible ❤❤❤

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