Swiss Potato Partnership in Kenya

Our potato and beans micro-farming programme in Meru County in Kenya has just finished its pilot phase with great success, as all 98 farmers have managed to harvest their crops despite the devastating drought in the region. The great results have already influenced more than 230 additional farmers to sign up for the next phase.

In order to ensure substantial impact, we have partnered up with Basel-based Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (East Africa) who provides high quality technical resources and assistance in the construction of our model farms for the project. In addition to this, Syngenta also cooperates with HPF on finding buyers/off-takers to ensure market access and a fair price for the farmers.

Over three years, we want to enable 1,000 smallholder farmers, 4K club members and students at 10 HPF partner schools as well as their families (5,000 people) to improve their income levels through higher yields from potato farming, reduced single crop exposure through crop rotation with certified beans, improved and diversified family diet, enabling families to prioritize the children’s education and future.