Seasonal Newsletter 2020

Season‘s Greetings from Niruta, Nelly and Phillipp 

Every child in the world possesses a remarkable inner strength, powerful enough to change societies – even under the most difficult circumstances. When children are given the opportunity to learn and access to decent jobs when they graduate they can utilize their inner strength – building the foundation for sustainable livelihoods.

We strive to be the world’s greatest NGO, not in size or numbers, but in true impact – true human practice.

We are happy to share with you the stories of Niruta, Nelly and Phillipp from Nepal, Kenya and Denmark. Their stories confirm that every donation given is a link between human beings – worlds apart. Thank you Jacob Raben for bringing this fantastic movie to life and taking the challenging trip to Nepal and Kenya and thank you to Mikael Baden and our Chairman, Jeff Gravenhorst for your contributions.

Human Practice Foundation Movie

The stories of Niruta, Nelly and Phillip remind us that we are all connected.

This year, Nelly will be spending Christmas with her single mother and siblings – her father passed away. She loves going to church with her family at Christmas and hopes that there will be new clothes under her Christmas tree – just like the ones her best friends at school are wearing. Nelly will also be spending her holiday studying with the help of the Eneza Digital Learning Platform, which was supplied to her by Human Practice Foundation.

Niruta does not celebrate Christmas. Therefore, she will follow her usual daily ritual. She gets up at 6 AM in the morning to feed her family’s goats. Then she walks two hours to school and when her day is finished, she does her homework. She received learning material from her Human Practice Foundation School; this has helped her a lot while her school was in lock-down.

Phillipp looks very much forward to Christmas this year, which he will be spending with his parents and his sister Ammalie, who also participated in the Inner Strength Program at their school in Humlebæk. This year Phillipp will be going in to the New Year with more confidence, as Inner Strength has changed the way he thinks and acts, making it easier to appreciate life.

Nelly, Niruta and Phillipp send their warmest regards to all of you from three corners of the world.

Our Coffee from Taplejung Can Now Be Bought at Hagen Espresso Bars

Children’s opportunities for obtaining a quality education is affected by their parent’s ability to sustain a household income. Children from poor households often have to work and do household chores during the school day.

Therefore, we implement agricultural impact projects, creating a source of income for the parents of our students. We facilitate farmers’ access to quality seeds and inputs, train them in best practice agricultural methods and enable their access to international sales channels.

It is vital for the farmers in both our tea and coffee project that we facilitate access to the market, so they can secure a sustainable source of income for their families. In collaboration with the A.C Perch’s family, we continue to sell our Human Empowerment Tea. Our coffee project is also maturing, to date, we have trained more than 750 coffee farmers and planted almost 150.000 coffee seedlings. We are ready to start selling our coffee and have incredible news!

Tim Schroeder, a good friend and former colleague at Goldman Sachs of our Founding Partner, Michael Sprecht Bruun, has decided to buy our harvested coffee from Taplejung for Hagen Espresso Bars in London.

Hagen is a Danish premium expresso bar concept born out of Copenhagen, serving a dash of “Danish hygge” and a touch of old school class. Hagen brings the speciality coffee revolution to the parts of London in much need of a good cup of coffee from premium locations with a sustainable approach and a social purpose.

Tim Schroeder started Hagen as a passion project, as London lacked availability of premium coffee. Demand for their coffee and Danish inspired snacks made it into a real business, which proved itself during 2020. Now, they have a number of new espresso bars opening in 2021.

Our Project Manager on the ground in Taplejung often states that: “our coffee project and every coffee seedling represent a light at the end of the tunnel for our farmers.” With Hagen’s purchase of our farmer’s coffee, the light at the end of the tunnel has become a concrete source of income in Taplejung.

We hope you will all enjoy a coffee from Taplejung in Hagen Chelsea and Hagen Mayfair in London or in Hagen Belgravia, South Kensington and Marylebon, which are coming soon in London.

Read more about Hagen on

Accomplishments in 2020

Together, we have reached an important milestone. We have now funded 70 school building constructions, impacting the lives of more than 28,000 children.  Our Inner Strength program in Denmark is also expanding; we have established an Advisory Board of experts in the field and started the Inner Strength Program at three schools in Fredensborg co-financed by Fredensborg Municipality. In addition, two schools in Århus are ready to start in 2021.

We are committed to a few key principles, enabling us to profoundly transform the societies in which we operate:

The sum of contributions has a strong and long lasting effect. The management, employees and pro bono supporters of Human Practice Foundation have big hearts and bright minds in common – committed to creating bridges between the worlds in which we operate.

Fantastic Progress in Learning Outcomes 

Our team has shown incredible commitment during the lockdown and done everything they could to ensure that the impact on our students’ learning outcomes is minimized.

The impact measurements conducted at our schools in Taplejung in Nepal in 2020 show fantastic progress compared to a benchmark of the other public schools in Taplejung.  The average learning achievement in English has increased with 46,2% at Human Practice partner schools, in comparison to other public schools were the improvement was 11,4%. Likewise, the drop out rate has diminished by 20,40% at Human Practice partner schools compared to 9% at the other public schools. See the rest of the incredible results achieved in only one year below:

3000 Miles Supporting 1300 Children

Only one week has passed since our Founding Partner, Calum Barclay, took on the challenge of a 3000 mile rowing race to raise money to support more than 1300 children with his three HPF Atlantic teammates. The crew is currently dealing with wind creating waves of 90 degrees, but Calum calmly states: “all things considered we are doing remarkably well.”

The four crew members of the HPF Atlantic Rowing Team have completed military tours in combat zones, rowed the North Pacific, run the Marathon De Sable and climbed mountains. As a former soldier of the Royal Gurkha Rifles, one of the team members is more than familiar with the situation and poverty levels in Taplejung in Nepal.

Calum and his teammates have already raised more than one million DKK (USD 165,000) – enough funding to build two schools in Nepal. Despite of skepticism and a global pandemic – they are making it happen.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our incredible supporters for making all this possible.

Christmas is about spending time with family and friends. It’s about creating happy memories that will last a lifetime. A Merry Christmas to you and your family from the Human Practice Community!

Warmest regards,

Pernille and HPF teams 

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