Coffee Impact Programme

Most farmers in Taplejung lack the knowledge and resources to earn a sustainable income and are therefore just barely able to provide for their families through their farming. This results in a life in poverty for many Nepalese families. The farming potential in the Taplejung district is huge, as there are many acres of land with possibilities of quality farming – they are just not used properly. One of the crops that have high potential in Taplejung is coffee, which also has a high potential for creating a profit for the farmers.

Our Coffee Impact Programme aims to release this potential and help the local farmers create Quality Coffee that can be sold for a profit. We have partnered with Nepali Coffee experts Lekali Coffee Estate to maximize the impact of the programme. Together we train the farmers in know-how about farming of quality coffee beans, and we establish nurseries with optimal conditions for growing coffee seedlings that are planted out to the farmers. Additionally, we process the beans into specialty coffee, sold in international markets.

Our next step is to create a Coffee Training Center in the district, where the farmers can come and learn about coffee, receive professional training in roasting. Here, the visitors will be able to get a cup of the locally produced coffee, while enjoying the view of the Himalayas.

At this point, we have now trained 700 farmers, established 7 nurseries with 100.000 seedlings, and planted 69.000 coffee plants at the farms.