Event in Zürich with COPALANA

In November, we held an event in Zürich raising money for Sanwa Secondary School in Nepal.

We were fortunate to have four inspirational, entrepreneurial people sharing their perspective on the importance of giving to those who need it.

Besides of captivating speeches from Charmain of HPF Lars Förberg and CEO Pernille Kruse Madsen, we also heard from Sushant Sharma, CIO of Foundation Botnar, and Paul Ryatt, founder of the Crowd Funding Platform COPALANA – a platform in line with HPF’s vision; 100% of the donation allocated directly to the cause.

Thank you to ISpartners for kindly agreeing to host us, and to our Swiss Advisors Sinikka Demaré and Rosa Sangiorgio for making the event possible.

Visit the crowd-funding platform COPALANA here: copalana.org