Opening of Ambegudin School

We are happy and proud to announce that the construction of Ambegudin Higher Secondary School has been completed.

This was made possible with funding from one of our respected UK Trustees, Olivier Morali.

The purpose of the project at Ambegudin School was to construct a new earthquake resistant school building with 8 new classrooms, which has now been fulfilled.

Before, the classrooms were small, dark, timeworn, and not suited for teaching. These improved learning conditions have given the students possibility to gain valuable skills and knowledge, which is essential for their future job opportunities.

We are lucky to have our local project team in Taplejung consisting of local Nepali people working as Site supervisors, Teachers Trainers, Social Mobilizers, Finance Officers, and Project Coordinators. They will all be responsible for making sure that the children are provided with the best possible educational surroundings.

We are determined to make sure that the development continues, which is why we in collaboration with the consultancy company Deloitte, have secured a strategic development process, measuring on outcome and social impact indicators.